Welcome Family and friends

This week in our household I have STOP! who am I trying to kid! I haven't been doing anything but Dave is actually building our fence. Kaivalya is loving first week back at school and I have to admit that I was pretty lonely that first day but I'm getting over it now that it's the last half of the week and I have baby to look after (who by the way is having yet another very happy week).

I made a set of Atcs for the stamphappy monthly atc swap - theme of travel - I really wanted a tardis to put on them what better way to travel but alas cute bakcgrounds of coastlines, longing looks of remembrance and a sparkly starfish - I liked them. Once I get the swaps back I'll put up a picture.

I also did a single atc for a 1 for 1 swap to a fellow stamper in cabarita beach and a boys birthday card for a friend from Kaivalyas school.

1-4-1 atc swap
rubbadubbadoo birthday block and peelcraft sticker truck

rubbadubbadoo birthday block and peelcraft sticker truck


This is me, Melanie saying hello and welcome to my blogging where I may keep you up to date on my happenings. I'll try and add photo's of my artie stuff, updates on family life and things like that. But please bear with me as I try and figure out all the techno stuff and get things going.

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