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The postie has been and gone while I was out and left me the most wonderful present, well it was 1/3 present from Betsy at Innovative stamp Creations for participating in one of the challenges on their blog and 2/3 present from me - cause I'm like that! No part of it actually came from the postie - but I do love the work they do here!

Anyway, you should check out the blog - it's not about being the "best" it's all about doing your own best and finding what it is that you can do - The design teams work is really, truely, inspirational too, but I also like to follow the links and see what people just like me are doing and seeing how fabulous stampers are (they really are the best kinds of people)

I'm going to add some photos of my new rubber soon (before I spend hours cutting and mounting it - which by the way I do by following the method I found here on "Lisa Vollraths - GoMakeSomething" site. Got my Vinyl from "spotlight" - it was the plastic table cloth stuff - I've seen it at "plastic box" too - works brilliantly.

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  1. Hey Melanie

    Nice to hear from another Napierite... thanks for your kind comments.


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